Thank you to the students of the Rotary Club!!! Friday, March 7th @ 3:00pm the Rotary Club interact students along with Lorraine Hartson made the move from Pete’s TV. Suitcases that we use for storing were loaded onto a truck by the students and brought back to the Treasure Shop and delivered by the students to the second floor.

Saturday, March 8 @ 8:00am we welcomed the students back again along with Denise Laurie. This time we had a flat deck truck with loads of furniture and clothing piled high. We had students running around the streets with racks finding their way back to the Treasure Shop! This procession was comical and a sight to see! History in the making! Saturday, March 15th @ 9:00am students did come back once again with Geoff Yule and Lorraine Hartson for the final move!

The Castlegar & District Hospital Auxiliary Society thanks the Rotary Club and their students for all their help! We could not have done this move without them. It is good to hear about the positive things that young people do in the community! Thank you!

The Auxiliary sincerely appreciates and thanks the following Interact Students:

  • Svetlana Hadikin – Interact President
  • Kyle Hadikin
  • Cole Chernoff
  • Noah Vanthrin
  • Galina Hegan
  • Jillian Pierce
  • Alex Vandergaag
  • Andrea Smithies
  • Emma Jansen
  • Sophie Jansen
  • Exchange Student Pauline Cottet

A special thank you goes out to all the volunteers who helped with the move. We have one youth who volunteers with us on Saturday’s. Thank you, Jaeden Soukoroff.

Submitted by: Nettie Stupnikoff – President


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