Castlegar Hospital Auxiliary Society

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Financial Donations

If you wish to donate money for Healthcare in Castlegar, all financial donations are handled by the Castlegar & District Hospital Foundation. You can visit their website or just click on the button below.

Your Donations Matter

The Hospital Auxiliary raises money for healthcare by accepting donations of clothing and other items that are still in good condition and then reselling them to the local community. If you have clothing, small pieces of furniture, books or other items that you no longer need, want to get rid of and are in good condition, don’t throw them out!

Please consider donating your clean items of clothing, books, hardware and other good condition items to us so we may try to resell them and make money for healthcare in our community.

Please do not donate your items after hours as they are often rummaged through, scattered and end up not suitable for sale. We notice also that sometimes animals have been around with their owners in these instances and it’s sad to see some nice donations ruined.

For latest news pertaining to the Castlegar Hospital Auxiliary Society or more information about the Hospital Auxiliary Treasure Shop and our Donation History, please scroll down the page and click the buttons below.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your donations!

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Treasure Shop | Donation History

Treasure Shop

Click here to learn about the Hospital Auxiliary Treasure Shop.

Donation History

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