Our Directors

The People Who Make It All Happen
Auxiliary Donation To Food Hamper Christmas - 2018

How We Do It

The Castlegar & District Hospital Auxiliary Society executive membership currently has twelve Directors that meet 4 times a year or as called by the chairperson. We hold membership meetings 4 times a year or as called by the chairperson. We also have informational meetings for the membership.

If you’re interested in making a difference for healthcare in Castlegar let us know. We’re always looking for people who want to work with us on behalf of our community.

CUrrent DIrectors

Meet The Executive Members

Wendy Schwab: Director/President

Nettie Stupnikoff: Director/Past President/1st Vice President/Secretary

Angela Jmio: Director/2nd Vice President

Gwen Chernenkoff: Director/Treasurer

Elaine Wasney: Director

Vera Fodor: Director

Joan Grigsby: Director

Vivianne Hadikin: Director

Joyce Harford: Director

Susan Raymer: Director

Betty Beattie: Director

Pat Naychuk: Director

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